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All video is recorded in 1080p HD and is live streamed directly to your smart device.

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As far as night vision, this is some of the best night vision video I have seen, it is in fact in full color and you never have to adjust the camera for day vs night, it just handles it all automatically.

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1 is sturdiness and one more is good quality.

home security alarm system

, names of data results, location of electronic device, creation time, duration, settings of the electronic device, etc. associated with the data, where optionally all or a portion of the data and/or processing associated with the hub device 180 or smart devices are stored securely;an account database 3162 for storing account information for user accounts, including user account information such as user profiles 3163, information and settings for linked hub devices and electronic devices e. g. , hub device identifications, hub device specific secrets, relevant user and hardware characteristics e. g. , service tier, device model, storage capacity, processing capabilities, etc.

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